Sunday, January 22, 2012


 A little love from my favorite city! :) Random drive to Pike's Place and Lunch at Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge.. amazing Cajun food (complete with succulent Beignets.) It was such a clear (yet extremely cold) day! My only regret was not enough  pictures! I picked up an amazing hand crafted day of the dead skull at one of my favorite shops in the's the link to the website..I am kind of obsessed with day of the dead anything. Anyway, check them out. It was such a perfect day. These are the times when I wish summer could come and moving a way would be just that much closer. I cannot wait to be living in a big city where I can discover a new restaurant everyday, where places like Pike's Place are right outside my door, where people take risks and play with fashion, live it, maybe breathe it, and of course eat it. A place where I can grow, make new friends and new experiences, the list  goes on and on. I know the day is coming... I need to be patient!

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