Saturday, December 24, 2011

To splurge, or not to splurg? That is the question.

I am in LOVE with Proenza handbags, I'm sure just as much as every other Fashion savy girl out there. While doing some last minuet Christmas shopping up in Bellevue, I spotted a girl with the most beautiful Proenza shoulder bag. I’m obsessed. It’s quite sad to say I knew she was sporting, so effortlessly over her right shoulder, the exact PS1 medium suede shoulder bag in tobacco I’d been day dreaming about for well over a year now. I know this sounds quite cliché and yes, EXTREMELY ridiculous, but I am now thinking of every possible way I could twist and squeeze my bank account to come up with the funds to purchase that stupid bag that cleverly haunts me at night. I know that Proenza wouldn't just be giving me an amazingly versatile, chic, and gorgeous handbag, but it would also come with a large side of buyers remorse (not larger, super sized) Then I began to ponder how drastically my taste has changed. I used to cringe when a bag was over 300 dollars, and now I’m honestly considering buying one that is triple or quadruple that amount??? Actually,I don't know why I am surprised. I guess when you this addicted to fashion, spending money is just part of the job. Oh well.:) Excuse all of the grammar mistakes, as well as my rambling. Enjoy the pics Below of some super chic chicks with some super chic Proenza bags.

~All photos bellow text via Pintrest~

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Leather love

Skirt Nasty Gal, watch Michael Kors, flats UO, top Audry, clutch Rebecca Minkoff.

Love this leather skirt. This little number was the closest I could get to the ever so coveted zara version with out spending a fortune. While out thrifting  down town, my cousin and I had to take some pictures. It was a beautiful sunny winter day, so very rare in Washington, had to document. More to come.. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moon Raven Designs

While shopping around on Charlie and Lee, I came across this amazing jewlery collection, Moon raven. I had to check out the full line. The designers, husband and wife, are located in Vancouver Island British Columbia, where their wild life surroundings inspire each piece in the collection. Moon Raven Design is filled with lots of skulls, horns, bones, claws, and antlers all coated in delicious golds, silvers and brass tones. You'll just have to check out the etsy page for yourself, but here are a few of my favorites! 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

sparkle on my mind


It's that time of year again. No doubt the holiday season brings out the glitter and sequins. Here are a couple pictures that totally get me inspired, and manage to pull of all that sparkle while looking utterly chic.

1.unknown/via pinterest,2.makeshiftmodel.blogspot3.TheAmericanlegacy.tumbler,4.unknown/via

Thursday, December 8, 2011


hat attack hat, J-brand jeans, lNA V neck, jeffery campbell clogs, michael kors watch, f21 ring, and todd the cutest golden retriever no contest

I was really anxious to try this DIY I found while cyber stalking Because I'm addicted. It required a late night trip to wal-mart, craft feathers,fabric glue, and what me and my sister agreed to be a glimpse of jack sparrow? (only at walmart). Anywho, I swapped out the fedora and spruced up my favorite floppy hat. Just a few minuets and a couple feathers later, new life was given to a tired old favorite. sigh. PROPS Gerri Hersh

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Can my last name be Olsen?

Sometimes, okay so most of the time i wish i could have style swag like these lovely sisters. seriously? SERIOUSLY

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

new years

new years

 A little outfit inspo. Velvet, sequins, neon and animal print. 
     1. Parker sequin jacket (similar, this one i like even better!)
2. Topshop top
3. Topshop velvet shorts
4. zara neon clutch
5. topshop heels 
6. asos and f21 jewels 


 Do to the fact I have yet to purchase (more like break my bank) the nikon 3100  I've been lusting over, I will be using my I phone to snap shots. I've come to realize that Instagram can really make any photo look good, have you noticed? So odd, but in the meantime it'll do. I'm hoping I'll have the camera by January, possibly under the tree? I've been nice all year long..promise!
1. New Sam Edelman heels
2. Market street bakery chocolate croissant.heaven. 
3. Xmas gift from the lover boy (sneak peak)E.J Fairfax shades. sigh.
4. fashion books, f21 cuff, house of harlow cocktail ring 

Monday, December 5, 2011

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Clutch Much?

   Dying over these limited edition clutches! I'm torn between the neon stripped or  the dark brown leopard print.Loving this Refinery 29 and Clare Vivier collaboration. Gotta get mine asap!

Wild Wild West

Pamela Love's new resort collection is TO DIE FOR! As a cult follower, I fell instantly in love with every piece. I've always been drawn to tribal pieces and prints of all kinds, and Pam's pieces definitely. The fashion week pics of the models atop persian rugs and dressed up in cow boy hats & turbans=amaze. 
(Photos via Refinery 29)

(photos via Refinery29)