Thursday, July 19, 2012

EBAY FINDS (you will die for)


I'm always down for a bargain. While on my nightly blog/clothing site/etsy/e-bay stalk I came across some AMAWZ-ING items (some of which I ordered immediately!) If this isn't motivation enough to get a Paypal account, i don't know what is. 
The best part, every item is under $50 and as low as $2.75!! All items are "buy it now" items, which means no bidding required. Just click and purchase! 

1. Boots
2. Camo Jacket
3. Scalloped tank
4. Leather Baseball Cap
5. Peplum Blazer
6. Spiked Nuckle Rings
7. (My Favorite)Claw Bracelet


Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Classic: The boyfriend jean

I am SO excited for fall, I hate to say it, but it always rings in a chance to re-vamp my wardrobe. Once this warm weather starts to wind down (for the record, I'm not wanting the weather change as much as the fashion change) I will be weeding out all un-needed clothes I've so aimlessly accumulated, and stripping down my closet to the bare essentials. I've decided to take a que from one of my favorite blogger's at Apair&aspare and vow to only "shop clean." I will, from now until then, be scooping up (somewhat) splurge worthy staples that will survive the long haul. 
Recently I scored an AMAZING pair of Current/Elliot Boyfriend jeans in the loved washed for only $60 (gotta love ebay,) and now for the whole purpose of this post: Boyfriend jeans are a must have, a staple, and while they may give off an unflattering, "those aren't for me" vibe, you MUST give them a chance. With a pair of heels, plain white tee, and a statement necklace or clutch, you may be a bit taken back by the babe that stands before you in the mirror. 

A few of my favorites, Current/Elliot, JBrand, Madewell

Pic one:
Pic two and three and five:
Pic Four:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY: Neon and White Collar Necklace

What you'll need:
-Spray paint (any color of your choice)
-White spray paint 
-old collar necklace
-news paper or magazines

-Spray necklace with white spray paint before applying any other   
 color.(priming helps the color attach to the metal properly) 
-Spray evenly and be careful not to let the spray paint pool.
-Leave to dry over night.
 Enjoy :) 

After finishing this project, I realized how easy it is to adjust a piece you already own into something you would spend unneeded money on. Its crazy how a can of spray paint would get me to wear the necklace ten times more then I did before! 

LOVE LOVE LOVING the neon... inspiration/ DIY via A Pair and a Spare/Sass and Bide Runway Inspo...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thrift it

 Quick and Unexpected stops at a thrift store always end with treasure, it's always when it happens to be unplanned! One stop at our local thrift store and we both end up with on trend pieces at (obvious) affordable prices (like 3.99 for the pants and shorts, and 5 for the mens wear loafers.)I strongly enforce thrifting "trendy" items, due to the fact that almost everything trendy was once a trend retired. So um..get your thrift on.

Annie paired her awesome cropped floral (current/elliot like) pants with her thrifted croc flats, Zara leather jacket, ray-bans, and vintage coach bag. 

I paired me high waisted red denim shorts with a Current/Elliot top, and Trouve' booties.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Outfit Post (With some awesome photography)

I had the pleasure this morning of shooting with an EXTREMELY talented Photographer! A seven a.m photo sesh in a beautiful country field was all it took to make me realize Summer is here and hopefully here to stay. 
I'm loving the cropped trend, even if I don't have "washboard" abs I don't mind working it on 80 degree days. This Topshop bra top was exactly what I had been longing for! 

Top: Topshop, Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden,Jeans: Levi's, Blazer: Zara, Belt: Target.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Few Of Our Favorite Things: L*Space

We have truly been longing for these AMAZING bathing suits since the start of spring. The Fringe Dolly Banduea swim top by L*Space is all over pinterest, department stores, blogs, and Celebs alike, and we now know why. It is one of the most perfect/flattering fitting swim tops we both have ever tried! No joke. Worn under a denim shirt or vest is a great way to work the top out of the water, it looks fab, trust us! Find it HERE