Monday, January 23, 2012


My fab cousin and I had a little time on our hands and went out to take a couple shots. Annie is the most stylsih girl I know,my blood and luckily the only person I know who shares the same tired and true "passion for fashion" as I do. Expect to hear and see a lot of her, and hopefully a collaboration in the near future! 
Annie is the ultimate thrifter, and almost everything she is wearing had either been thrifted or found at a vintage store. She's got an amazing eye for it and she's always bringing home the coolest things.I'm very envious. 
Our little town is full of vintage stores and  buildings this could be our only advantage. They're everywhere and the exteriors of the shops are so fun to photograph. The sun finally made it's long overdue appearance, and so did my camera. We sure needed it after our week long snow storm. Enjoy these pics!!
P.S: check out her blog HERE


  1. so slick! very glamourous and powerful, but then the jeans make it a little more wearable :) following you!

  2. thank-you! appreciate it! I'll check out your blog :)