Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nail DIY

This fun chevron nail design was super easy! I'm stuck inside due to a massive winter storm covering Washington with 2 feet of snow (overnight!). It's been a dull dull day, and I've had lots of time to pamper and clean both my room and my nails. I wanna share with you a little different take on half-moon nails, found on Refinery29. Enjoy!<3 

1.) Choose your two shades, one dark and one light.I love Essie polishes and opted for two grey-ish winter-y shades, power clutch and master plan. 
2.) Next, use the lighter polish and paint the base of the nail from the edge of the cuticle up to the middle of the nail. Use the lighter shade of the two. 
3.) Use the darker shade and paint two criss-crosses covering up any bare nail, but leaving the lighter polish visible. Then fill in the remaining edges on the tip of the nail with the same darker polish.

4.) Enjoy the finished product!! 


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