Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thrift it

 Quick and Unexpected stops at a thrift store always end with treasure, it's always when it happens to be unplanned! One stop at our local thrift store and we both end up with on trend pieces at (obvious) affordable prices (like 3.99 for the pants and shorts, and 5 for the mens wear loafers.)I strongly enforce thrifting "trendy" items, due to the fact that almost everything trendy was once a trend retired. So um..get your thrift on.

Annie paired her awesome cropped floral (current/elliot like) pants with her thrifted croc flats, Zara leather jacket, ray-bans, and vintage coach bag. 

I paired me high waisted red denim shorts with a Current/Elliot top, and Trouve' booties.

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