Thursday, July 19, 2012

EBAY FINDS (you will die for)


I'm always down for a bargain. While on my nightly blog/clothing site/etsy/e-bay stalk I came across some AMAWZ-ING items (some of which I ordered immediately!) If this isn't motivation enough to get a Paypal account, i don't know what is. 
The best part, every item is under $50 and as low as $2.75!! All items are "buy it now" items, which means no bidding required. Just click and purchase! 

1. Boots
2. Camo Jacket
3. Scalloped tank
4. Leather Baseball Cap
5. Peplum Blazer
6. Spiked Nuckle Rings
7. (My Favorite)Claw Bracelet


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