Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Classic: The boyfriend jean

I am SO excited for fall, I hate to say it, but it always rings in a chance to re-vamp my wardrobe. Once this warm weather starts to wind down (for the record, I'm not wanting the weather change as much as the fashion change) I will be weeding out all un-needed clothes I've so aimlessly accumulated, and stripping down my closet to the bare essentials. I've decided to take a que from one of my favorite blogger's at Apair&aspare and vow to only "shop clean." I will, from now until then, be scooping up (somewhat) splurge worthy staples that will survive the long haul. 
Recently I scored an AMAZING pair of Current/Elliot Boyfriend jeans in the loved washed for only $60 (gotta love ebay,) and now for the whole purpose of this post: Boyfriend jeans are a must have, a staple, and while they may give off an unflattering, "those aren't for me" vibe, you MUST give them a chance. With a pair of heels, plain white tee, and a statement necklace or clutch, you may be a bit taken back by the babe that stands before you in the mirror. 

A few of my favorites, Current/Elliot, JBrand, Madewell

Pic one:
Pic two and three and five:
Pic Four:


  1. Boyfriend jeans just look so "cool"! I love the look in this last photo.

  2. I SO AGREE! I've fallen back in love, so chic and comfy, I could use mine as pajama bottoms!