Thursday, May 10, 2012

Such a staple

I apologize for my limited amount of posts ;(. I have been so extremely busy I haven't had the time to even think about my blog. Currently I am employed at three different locations, and I'm trying my best to finish my degree this quarter, YIKES! Any who, I'm hoping to keep up on my blog this whole summer, as well as the new blog I'll be writing for Sweet Life Boutique in Olympia. I'm super excited to share with all of their readers (and you) my favorite trends, products, and simple DIY ideas/ inspiration.

So I'd like to post a couple pictures of my two favorite items in my closet as of late. My levi boyfriend jeans and high-waisted levi shorts.Both are paired with simple items, forever 21 crop turtle neck and below, forever 21 cropped lace top. Also on bottom Sam Edelman lace up sandals and MK watch. Finished with easy vintage rings (that you can hardly see.) I promise that the blog will be over flowing with outfit posts,as well as a few DIY's, and my room "make better," stayed tuned, June will be a good month!

xoxo, KAJSA

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