Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just Braid It

For the longest time I've been so jealous of bloggers and celebs  that make the braid crown look so effortless and chic. So after late night of online shopping/ blog Stalking, I came across this easy lesson from the pro's on NastyGals blog. It breaks down this tricky (looking) hair-do, and I was really surprised at how easy it was. Enjoy!
Step One: Part hair down the middle start at the middle of the forehead and part down to the bottom of the neck. 
Step Two:Braid one side from the base of the neck (french braiding) up to your temple, then finish the braid and secure it. Then repeat on the other side. 
Step Three:Cross which ever braid over that you would like to be "unseen" and secure with pins. Then pull the other braid over your head and secure end under the first braid. 
Side note: Bobbi pins and tiny hair elastics are a must
Step Four:Pull hair from face to rough it up a bit and give it a "more modern feel." 

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