Saturday, December 24, 2011

To splurge, or not to splurg? That is the question.

I am in LOVE with Proenza handbags, I'm sure just as much as every other Fashion savy girl out there. While doing some last minuet Christmas shopping up in Bellevue, I spotted a girl with the most beautiful Proenza shoulder bag. I’m obsessed. It’s quite sad to say I knew she was sporting, so effortlessly over her right shoulder, the exact PS1 medium suede shoulder bag in tobacco I’d been day dreaming about for well over a year now. I know this sounds quite cliché and yes, EXTREMELY ridiculous, but I am now thinking of every possible way I could twist and squeeze my bank account to come up with the funds to purchase that stupid bag that cleverly haunts me at night. I know that Proenza wouldn't just be giving me an amazingly versatile, chic, and gorgeous handbag, but it would also come with a large side of buyers remorse (not larger, super sized) Then I began to ponder how drastically my taste has changed. I used to cringe when a bag was over 300 dollars, and now I’m honestly considering buying one that is triple or quadruple that amount??? Actually,I don't know why I am surprised. I guess when you this addicted to fashion, spending money is just part of the job. Oh well.:) Excuse all of the grammar mistakes, as well as my rambling. Enjoy the pics Below of some super chic chicks with some super chic Proenza bags.

~All photos bellow text via Pintrest~

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