Monday, December 5, 2011

A bit about me

         Hello Lovelies, my name is Kajsa Conzatti, and I am very much a "small town girl". I've lived in the same tiny town since I was born. I'm stuck smack dab in the middle of Seattle and Portland (hence the name Centerville). While my town has a lot of vintage charm (it's a thirfter's heaven up here! believe me), I am a frequent flyer between both cities. There is so much more out there that I have yet to experience, and as much as i appreciate the apple pie, homegrown feel Centralia's got going on, I cannot wait to get out. I know it will happen (very soon), but in the meantime, I will be sharing with you all my love for fashion, food, design, and the longing dream i have of making some type of dent (I'd even settle for a scratch) in the fashion world.  

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