Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tad Taste of Summer

It's sunny and 60 degrees today (that's saying something for Washington) and I am trying to take full advantage of it, with the exception of  my four hour work shift. I'm full of positive energy (proof that this sun really needs to stick around.) I'm planning on a nice afternoon run, I've decided I'd get a lot done if it was nice like this all the time. Unfortunately this weather is being a bit of a tease, apparently snow is a possibility for the weekend. Ya, snow in march. I hate wearing spring clothes one day and then possibly preparing for snow the next. SO NOT COOL. OK on to the reason for my post. I have some major summer inspiration running through my head, and needed to share it ASAP! 

Hoping this weather keeps up, and that the snow talk was all just gossip....who knows. 

All pictures Via pinterest! For more please follow! 

Scalloped Shorts DIY

LOTS AND LOTS OF STONE COLD FOX (just ordered the Florence dress from their new collection)

Late afternoon Bike rides

 Hammock and Back yard lights
 Rope swinging 

More Bike Rides

 Summer Lovin'
 Turquoise and Silver rings Galore 

 Skinny Girl Margaritas..YES
 60's vintage suits
 More Back Yard Lights
 L Space Fringe bikini I NEED
Mermaid Braids 
dress (back) 
More Scallops with a simple white button up


  1. Hey i just found your blog love, and i love the great sense of your style.
    Can you follow me through bloglovin and i do the same back?


  2. These pics are literally all amazing!! I adore the DIY scallop shorts!